American Made

American Made

Sunrise Tackle Co is a USA manufacturer of a full line of fishing products ranging from Soft Plastics( 4”, 6”, 8” worms, 7” Lizards, Twin Tails, Jerks Baits ), Mono, Seven Strand, and solid wire leaders. Musky & Northern Harnesses, Musky & Northern Bobber kits, and ice fishing Tip-Up Rigs. Becoming a household name are the TattleTail Panfish Jigs which are a soft plastic tail on a 32nd oz gold hook jig that comes in a reusable plastic tube.  There is also a Walleye sized jig and tail combo that comes in Standard, Glow or Sparkle colors.  Sunrise Tackle prides itself as a affordable line of goods that offers consumers quality and value.

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Made in America

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